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Welcome to Lotus Spa & Lab, your premier destination for advanced esthetic treatments in the furthest North you can travel in the lower 48 states! At Lotus Spa & Lab, we specialize in advanced esthetic services tailored to elevate your natural glow and rejuvenate your skin from within. From cutting-edge facial treatments to luxurious skincare rituals, Meg Robinson is committed to providing personalized care and exceptional results. With over 17 years experience as a licensed/advanced Esthetician,  cosmetic chemist, perfume/ fragrance designer and over 25 years as a makeup artist...Step into our tranquil oasis and embark on a journey to radiant skin and unparalleled relaxation. Discover the true essence of beauty at Lotus Spa & Lab– where northern charm meets timeless elegance.

Specializing in Advanced Esthetics, (microcurrent facials. Hydra facials, microneedling, hair removal, dermaplaning, custom airbrush tanning, custom skin care products and much much more to come!) 

Why Choose Us?

Exceeding clients expectations with anti-aging facial services and premium skin care products for over 17  years.

About Us

Meg Wrobel

store owner

I designed this skincare line over 15 years ago with one thing in mind...YOU!

As a new Esthetician, starting my business, I knew I wanted to be able to provide my clients with an "at home" skincare routine that was going to WORK.

I sampled many prestigious brands and found many products and ingredients that I knew had to be incorporated into a quality product. The one thing I couldn't get around was the price.

I'm the youngest of 7 children in my family, and we grew up very frugally. I knew that if I, myself, wouldn't spend $175 on an ounce of skin serum, I wouldn't be able to ask my clients to. No matter how good it was. 

I also, didn't want to sell my clients a bunch of water and glycerine with a fun label and call it good skin care products. 

This is how I began searching up how to create MY OWN private brand.  My ideas, my ingredient must-haves made in small batch quantities. With a much easier on the wallet price point. 

By eliminating the "middle men" like the marketing team, large retail overhead, product designers, etc.

I was able to offer supremely functional  products at a much lower price.

Humen Nature products represent nature in the sense that all ingredients are naturally sourced, aloe vera juice based  (not water), and loaded with peptides, vitamins, minerals, organic extracts and natural preservatives.  


203 2nd AVE NE, #4, Roseau, MN 56751

203 2nd AVE NE Roseau, MN 56751

203 2nd AVE NE Roseau, MN 56751

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